Tanka For Hels …

Htanka gentle ripples spread
reflecting the dusk’s rose pink
– transient blushes

circles growing slowly still
soon tranquillity prevails …

(c) 2007-10/Degasian


Fragile Renaissance …

butterfly Like a butterfly still trapped
Ensnared in its own cocoon.

The light does not illuminate
Nor the warmth infuse
Silently struggling spirit
Entombed within.

Voiceless it cries
Railing against the world
Impervious to its pain
Beauty withers.

The strangled beat
Of delicate furled wings
Writhing in silken hell
Terror wells.

When dreadful silence falls
The sun long gone
The shriveled cocoon
Is dust in the wind.


Green oak leaves above
Silhouettes in dusk’s blue sky –
Food for the nightflies …

Courage of Denial

Hollow hearts
Carved from stale lives
Too still to matter.

Stricken cries echo
Driving tears deep underground

Let numbness sting
Like nettles, biting deep into flesh
And then find a way to smile …

Tumbleweed dreams …

Beneath the bed
A coffee tin –
Colombian (as you ask) –
Crammed with old dreams.

Dreams saved for nights like this,
When the wind
Chills the skeletons
Skulking deep in the closet.

Silent you watch me take the tin
And shake it out.
Faded dreams roll on the duvet;
Like tumbleweed on a desert plain.

In my pocket
A new dream,
freshly torn
From life’s grip.

You take it and fold it
Whilst I sift
Tumbleweed dreams;
Inexorable relics of life.

Which will be clung to, which denied?
And which will be foisted,
With subliminal stealth,
Onto innocent progeny?

© Ian Bridge 2002

The Commute 101

Incessant voices –
Strain of thought

Political wars …

When a soldier’s blood pools
In the warm grey dust
Of a distant land.

When his limbs are debris
Midst the embers
Of a forlorn hope.

When wives and mothers weep
By the cold grave stones
Of a fading nation.

Then politicians’ ambitions spin
Turning on the whim tide
Of a MORI poll.

And morals shrouded in indignation
Serve as the battle cry
For the weak willed.

Surely then all is lost
The good intention perverted
And evil prevails

May your god be with you …